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Top 5 Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Homeowners in California damage their upholstery while cleaning it. When you see worn-out furniture, stubborn stains on carpets, it is mostly because of how you treated the upholstery during cleaning.

There are common mistakes that homeowners often make during . These mistakes affect the quality and life span of the furniture. While cleaning your upholstery is not a simple task, you need to be careful to avoid damaging it.

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by Accents in Cleaning

Not Obeying Cleaning Guidelines

After buying a piece of furniture, we often ignore the guidelines that the manufacturers have set for its maintenance. When you buy an item from a reputable company, the shop assistant would inform you of the maintenance guidelines for it.

The essence of the guidelines is to help homeowners understand how to use and maintain the furniture. Without the guidelines, you would cause damage to the furniture. So, not obeying the cleaning guidelines as specified by the manufacturer is a disaster waiting to happen.

Some upholstered pieces will also come with an instructional manual. You could find it as a tag or label sewn into the seam of the furniture. It could also come as a pamphlet delivered with the furniture.

In it, you will find some cleaning codes that help you understand how to clean the furniture. When you see the code WS, it means that you can use a detergent that is mild and steam vacuum to clean it.

When it has the S code, you can only use a dry-cleaning detergent. If the code is X, you cannot use water for it. You can only use a vacuum to clean it. And where the code is W, it means you may use water to clean it.

Manufacturers put these tags on their products so that you can take good care of them. When you take proper care of the furniture, it looks better and makes your space beautiful. Not just that, it will boost the reputation of the manufacturer and bring them more customers.

Not Carrying Out a Test Patch Before Cleaning

A lot of times, people buy cleaning products from shops and use it on their furniture without testing it. That could be a very costly mistake. If you are using a product for the first time, you need to carry out a patch test before using that product to clean.

Running a patch test is to use the cleaning product on a portion of the furniture that is not visible. It would require you to use the cleaning product on an inner part of the furniture or underneath it.

The essence of the patch test is to see the effect of the product on a small area before you use it on the rest of your furniture. You wouldn’t want to use a cleaning product on the entire furniture only to discover that it discolored or damaged it.

A patch test will save you from destroying your upholstery. It will save you from the cost implications of having to change damaged or discolored furniture. Also, it will save you from an embarrassing situation of having ugly looking furniture in your home.

Using the Wrong Products & Cleaning Tools

Another mistake people make in is using the wrong products. You always need to know the product that is compatible with the fabric of your furniture. For example, using products that contain bleach or ammonia can discolor your furniture. Using the wrong products can also leave holes in the fabrics.

Using brushes with hard bristles can tear and damage furniture that has delicate fabric. Some materials would require special brushes. An example is the suede material. Using certain kinds of clothes can also leave particles on the furniture.

When you are uncertain about the type of cleaning products or tools to use, find out from the manufacturer or the shop where you bought it from. Be mindful of when the retail shop recommends universal cleaning products that they have in their store. It could be just an avenue to sell them off and not because it is what’s best for the furniture.

Before using any product on your furniture, read the label on it. Don’t stop there. Also, read online reviews about it. You need to be certain about the products you are using. Otherwise, you will damage your upholstery.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Method

How you clean your upholstery is as important as the products you use. The cleaning method can make a lot of difference. Cleaning a stain using the wrong method can turn it into a permanent stain. With the right method, you can avert potential damage to your couch or mattress.

Not Hiring Professionals

Homeowners in California might think that getting professionals to clean their upholstery is too expensive and unnecessary. But that is not so! They need professional cleaners to clean their furniture.

Homes with children and pets have more dirt and stains. You miss the dirt and stains during the regular day-to-day home cleaning. So, the upholstery becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which will be harmful, especially to the kids and pets who roll up in them.

A professional upholstery cleaning service will help make your home a cleaner and germ-free zone. It will prolong the lifespan of your furniture, help you save cost, and also save you from the stress of doing it yourself.

Get Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Investing in the professional cleaning of your furniture, , mattress is a treat that you owe yourself and the members of your household. It is also very cost-effective, as it will save you from incurring costs you didn’t expect because of a damaged or discolored upholstery.

When you need reliable hands to clean your upholstery, contact us. Our experts will give your furniture a sweet smell and a new look. Save yourself the stress of figuring out what’s best for your furniture and let’s handle it.With the right tools and products, armed with the right cleaning techniques and great experience, we will clean your furniture professionally, while ensuring that they take all necessary precautions. Reach us now for your professional upholstery cleaning in California and its environs.