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Concord’s #1 Very Low Moisture (VLM) Carpet Cleaning Service

Very Low Moisture (VLM) cleaning is an efficient and environmentally friendly type of carpet cleaning that doesn’t get the carpet drenched as the traditional method does.

VLM, also known as encapsulated cleaning, encapsulates dirt, pollen, and all particles in the carpets, which can now easily be removed with a brush or vacuum. With this carpet cleaning method, commercial carpet cleaning services won’t take long hours or days waiting for your carpet to dry up. With just 1-2 hours, the work will be done. That’s it. You will be good to go!

Although it’s not known by many commercial carpet cleaners, it still stands as a very efficient way of dry cleaning while having zero impact on the environment. It’s absolutely a greener and faster method of getting the job done. 

Concord ca Very Low Moisture VLM Carpet Cleaning Service

VLM in Concord

Concord is a big city with a 2023 population of 121,894 people. The city is growing with lots of businesses rising to sustain it economically. Although an amazing place to be, it comes with its downside — more tendency for environmentally harmful operations, and more tendency to shift away from sustainability.

With so many businesses like building service/contractors, health care, education (grade schools, high schools, colleges, private schools, trade schools), retail stores, hotels, retirement homes, restaurants, and every other popular business rising in Concord. The best way to protect the city is to use sustainable options during operations.

No matter the little contribution we make towards our environment in our business places, it becomes huge on a cumulative scale. The sustainable option for carpet cleaning is VLM. 

So a shift from the traditional carpet cleaning method that has an environmental impact on our environment can have a colossal positive change on the environment instead. That sounds like a great plan to help our environment. 

How Is VLM Carpet Cleaning Eco-Friendly?

The eco-friendly attribute of this cleaning method is one major factor that makes it outstanding. For example, here at Accents in Cleaning, a , our immense interest in the welfare of our customers and their business environment drives us to use this bio-cleaning method.

Now let’s show you what makes VLM eco-friendly and how.

1. Water conservation

Carpet cleaning commercials that still use traditional carpet cleaning methods require them to soak your carpet with hot water and then extract the water using a powerful vacuum. This uses a lot of water to get the process done.

Not just that, it produces excessive wastewater, which is wasteful, especially in Concord city which averages a daily water demand of 13.67 million gallons per day. The wastewater produced here can be a headache to dispose of and not always return to the environment in a safe way.

With VLM, you don’t have to drench your carpet. About 90% of the required water is conserved. Less use of water means less release of wastewater into the environment. This is enough to keep a smile on the face of our environment if it had a face. VLM is an excellent option for conserving water during carpet cleaning. 

2. Reduced chemical use

Let’s put it this way: the old school method is a chemical process, while the VLM cleaning method is a biological method. It is a cleaning method that relies on eco-friendly enzymatic solutions that are 100% safe for kids and pets. They are less likely to form skin irritation, respiratory problems, or other related health issues. 

Also, the dry foam cleaning solution is applied directly on the cleaning carpet and it is more concentrated. This means that less of the solution is required to get the same result you’ll be expecting from the traditional method. 

3. Energy efficiency

Thanks to less water usage, we don’t need so much power to suck out water from the carpet. In response to this, VLM carpet cleaning equipment is designed to be energy efficient. After the cleaning, the carpet can dry on its own under the sun within 1- 2 hours. You can operate without the energy-consuming vacuum.

4. Improve welfare

Less water, safe chemicals, and less energy usage in cleaning carpets all contribute to a better environment. They all lead to a lesser release of harmful substances into the atmosphere and reduce the carbon footprint. This less environmentally impact process stands as a sustainable development and helps us in Concord live more comfortably and longer.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly VLM Carpet Cleaning 

Apart from the eco-friendly attribute of VLM, it still carries more packages of advantages that we will show to you. It’s a fully packed development. Let’s show the benefits to you.

1. Faster drying time

This is one of the reasons business owners consider the VLM carpet cleaning method as the best. It reduces downtime and inconveniences. It’s so pleasant when customers walk into your business space, seeing an almost new carpet with a new fragrance yet can’t trace when you did the carpet cleaning because it seems like it never got wet. 

2. Reduced risk of mold and mildew

Conventional steam carpet cleaning can leave your carpet wet for hours. These long hours of wet carpet create a convenient environment for the growth of mold and mildew. With faster drying time, your carpet won’t be responsible for the growth of mold and mildew.

3. Longer lasting effect

Carpets cleaned using the VLM cleaning method will remain clean for a longer time than the traditional method. This is why: the polymer-based cleaning agent used in VLM cleaning leaves behind a residue that continues the cleaning even after the commercial carpet cleaners are done with the job. This keeps the even after a long time.

4. Extended carpet life

VLM cleaning also has a role to play in improving the longevity of your carpet by preventing over-wetting, weakening of carpet fiber by hot water, and it also reduces wear and tear caused by steam pressure during washing. 

Say Goodbye to the Traditional Carpet Cleaning – Welcome to VLM Cleaning

Accent in Cleaning, after applying the VLM cleaning agents, uses machines best designed for the job to spread the agent, working it deep into the carpet. This allows your carpet to be deep cleaned.

We are your #1 VLM , as we have the best equipment and well-trained carpet technicians for the job. Next, we are going to talk about CGD (commercial glue down) carpet.