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Why Should I Bother With Scotchgard?
Stains and messes just waiting to happen!

At Accents in Cleaning, we offer Scotchgard application on carpets and upholstery. For 55 years, has been the leading product in stain protection with various types of sealants to keep your carpet, tile, grout, furniture, and clothing stain-resistant. With products, you can easily decrease the number of deep cleanings you need to be done as well as spend less time cleaning on your own. Many products repel liquid, allow simple cleaning with water instead of chemicals, and do not change the look or texture of your floors and furniture.

Carpets are a huge investment! It can cost hundreds of dollars to do a single room once it is installed; it would be insane not to try to protect it. Dirt and grime can ruin a carpet faster than anything. Muddy shoes and spilled drinks can lead to countless hours of cleaning up soaked-in grime and dirty liquid. Sure, a professional deep clean can remove the evidence of last year’s Christmas Party and the children’s love of mud, but with Scotchgard, you can have a cleaner home for longer, decreasing the number of times per year you need .

Everyone has furniture in their house. Chances are, you have soft, plush, porous material covering your furniture. Upholstered furniture looks wonderful and is always lovely to sit and lay on. What’s not pleasant is looking at and sitting on stains that could have been prevented by Scotchgard. People spill, pets mark, wear-and-tear occurs, but you can help keep your furniture to stay fresh and clean and lovely by having Scotchgard applied by our trained professionals at Accents in Cleaning. This goes for sofas, patio furniture, office chairs, curtains, ottomans, pet furniture, hallway and stairway runners, and rugs.

You can even buy Scotchgard and use it yourself! Car upholstery and child car seats are a great place to start. We all eat and drink in our cars, and our shoes get covered in all sorts of dirt and muck which gets into the carpets. Children throw around their juice cups and their sticky hands grab onto anything in the car within reach of their car seat—including the car seat. By using protectants like Scotchgard, your car and everything in it will stay looking clean and new—and be easy to clean up after the little ones.

We abuse our shoes. Some of us walk through water, mud, and dirt every day with our shoes and by the end of the day they look and smell awful. With Scotchgard, you can prevent much of that mess. The same goes for your favorite suit and tie! Never again fear a drop of coffee falling out of your mug at work only to land right on your tie before a big meeting. The same goes for women’s attire as well. There is nearly no article of clothing that can’t be protected by Scotchgard.

Ask the cleaners at Accents In Cleaning today about Scotchgarding your valuables after your next cleaning. When you see how amazing it is for furniture, cars, and flooring, you will rush out to buy some to keep your shoes, clothes, bedding, and cleaner and stain resistant.


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