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How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

It’s tricky to know when to clean your carpet, as they rarely give off signs. They are not like cushions that would highlight stains or bathtubs that would create rings to show dirt.

How can you know it is time for when carpets are not excellent communicators? Whether your carpet shows signs, we recommend deep cleaning it every 12-18 months.

Apart from this, you still need to vacuum it every week. Vacuuming takes care of dirt on the surface of the carpet before they penetrate the base.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Clean Carpet Regularly

Regular carpet cleaning is very important. It helps you take care of the carpet before the dirt on it becomes heavy. Leaving your carpet uncleaned for a long period can lower its lifespan.

A study showed that the carpet in your home is the hotspot for germs. They carry dirt 4000 times more than the toilet seat. The study further showed that each square inch of your carpet contains about 200,000 bacteria.

Hundreds of thousands of species probably live inside your carpet right now. The reason for this is that every hour humans shed over 1.5 million cells from the skin. The skin cells fall to the carpet and become food for germs.

The everyday cleaning of the carpet does not get into the base of the carpet where these bacteria live. But when you play around on the carpet, you destabilize them and bring them to the surface. So, you need to clean your carpet regularly.

Factors that can influence carpet cleaning

There are no hard and fast rules for cleaning your carpet. Apart from the recommended time frame, there are factors that could determine how often you should clean your carpet.

If you have kids, you might need to clean your carpet more often than someone without kids. Kids spill and drop things a lot. They also have a cordial relationship with carpets as they are always playing on them.

If you have pets, you would also need to clean more often. Pets are usually furry and shed a lot of skin and hair. The skin and hairs fall to the carpet and feed germs. The germs will continue to grow and become hazardous to you and others in your household.

A carpet that is lighter would need more cleaning than a darker one. Also, if you have an allergy or have someone with an allergy in your household, you need to clean frequently. This is because carpet filters usually collect dust and allergens.

Hire professionals to clean your carpet

Secure the services of a carpet cleaning company to give your carpet the thorough cleaning that it deserves. You can’t do without the professional they offer. This is because they have the requisite equipment, knowledge, and experience to extract dirt from your carpet, especially areas that your vacuum cleaner cannot get to.

A professional includes treating your carpet to kill germs that are breeding inside it. They also use antimicrobial treatment on your carpet to kill yeast, mildew, and mold.

The treatment also takes care of the odor from the carpet. Thus, it will change the overall smell in the home and be a relief to any member of your household with allergies. Secure a Danville carpet cleaning service in California for professional .