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Prepare Your Home for the Holiday with Upholstery Cleaning

With the holiday season almost here, there are festivities in the air. When you are playing host to family and friends during the holiday, you need your home thoroughly cleaned, especially your upholstery.

Your upholstery has worked hard all year round, serving you and your family. It is only right that it gets thorough cleaning before the weight and pressure of the holiday comes upon it. Thorough cleaning of your upholstery will make your space cleaner and freshen it up as you prepare to receive guests.

Here is why you need a thorough :

Removes Tough Stains

Cleaning your upholstery will remove the tough stains that you couldn’t get off when wiping it. Removing these stains will improve the appearance of your furniture. It will look newer and brighter.

Having a nasty stain, especially on a conspicuous part of your furniture, is an eyesore. With thorough cleaning, you can get rid of it and save yourself the embarrassment.

Eliminates Bad Smells

Smelly furniture will mess up your home’s smell and make it unbearable. Foul smells from your upholstery will turn off you and your guests. Deep cleaning will help you reduce or eradicate the terrible odor oozing from your furniture.

During the holiday, you would spend a lot of time on the furniture. This is because you will be home more often and you would also have friends and family coming over. A lot would happen on the furniture. It only makes sense that it smells nice to give you all an enjoyable time.

Clean and Healthier Space

The quality of air in your home is very important for the health of you and your visitors. Children and elderly persons are more prone to health issues related to poor air quality. The dirt and dust from your upholstery pollute the air and can cause respiratory distress.

It can also trigger the allergies of your visitors. Asthmatic patients should be able to visit your home without getting triggered. Cleaning your upholstery will help you eliminate these allergens and fleas all over your upholstery.

Kills Germs and Bacteria

A thorough cleaning will kill the germs and bacteria that have made your upholstery their home. Upholsteries can be one of the dirtiest places in a home because of all the dirt it absorbs. It is common to have food particles, pet hair, and dust in your upholstery. The more children and pets in your home, the dirtier your upholstery would be.

Over time, these particles and dirt become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. The funny part is that these bacteria are not visible to the eyes. Yet, they are there wreaking havoc.

When you clean your furniture, you are eliminating unwanted guests from your home. With the bacteria, fungus, and mildews out of the way, your home is safer for you, your family, and your holiday visitors.

Increases Lifespan of Furniture

Taking proper care of your upholstery ahead of the holiday will not only serve your guests. It will also help your furniture to serve you for a longer period. When this debris, dirt, and bacteria remain in your furniture for so long, it becomes very difficult to remove them.

The longer they stay in it, the more they break down the components of your upholstery. However, when you clean it, you put a check on the activities of bacteria. You also protect and preserve the quality of your furniture. Thus, you would have prolonged its use.

Makes Your Guests Comfortable

When your upholstery is unkempt, it will make your guests uncomfortable. The smell will put them off. They will also fear for bugs and mites that could latch on to them.

People like to sit on clean furniture in a clean room. Prepping your upholstery ahead of the holiday will add to the overall attractiveness of your home. It will also give your guests a great impression of you.

Family and friends would look forward to the next visit when your home is clean and smells nice. They wouldn’t be in a hurry to leave. The reason is that your home will be comfortable for them.  

It is Cost-Effective

It is cheaper to clean your upholstery as you prepare for the holiday. Replacing your furniture every holiday is not a sustainable approach, except if you have a lot of money to throw around. But if you don’t, proper cleaning will give you exactly what you need at little or no cost.

How to Prepare Your Upholstery for the Holiday

Preparing your home and putting your upholstery in good shape can be stressful. But not to worry. It gets easier!

Here are some tips that could come in handy:

Start by checking the tag on your furniture. It will give you pointers on how to clean it. It will also show you items that you should avoid as you clean them. The reason is these items can destroy the fabric of your upholstery.

Do not saturate your furniture with water. Clean it without it getting damp. When it is damp, it breeds molds and mildew. This can cause a foul smell and pose a lot of health challenges to you and your guests.

Using a vinegar solution will help you clean your furniture. It will also eliminate stains and unpleasant smells.

Use Professional Cleaners

While you can choose to DIY, getting professional cleaning service will ensure that you get the best cleaning your upholstery deserves this season. Professional cleaners will help you deal with stubborn stains that you couldn’t fix.

One reason we don’t encourage DIY cleaning of upholstery is leftover moisture. You might not extract all the moisture from the furniture. When that happens, it would lead to more staining of the furniture, dampness, and foul smell.

will save you time and effort. Planning a great holiday experience requires all the time and energy that you can get. Let’s have your upholstery and space thoroughly cleaned while you focus on creating a memorable family experience this holiday. Contact us now for your .