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Carpet Cleaning: How to Avoid Allergies

Allergy sufferers will tell you how miserable life can be when you are sneezing constantly with sinus congestion. There are many ways to combat this suffering. Obvious ways include: medication, staying indoors during high pollen counts, and avoiding the . Sometimes, even thorough cleaning of homes isn’t enough without the right gear.

Allergy sufferers

Carpet Cleaning: How To Avoid AllergiesYou might think that allergy sufferers should stick to hardwood, but you would be incorrect. Carpets can trap allergens and dust whereas, on hard floors, all of the debris and allergens just sit on the floor waiting to be picked up by a breeze or by walking. Without proper cleaning, even the best allergy-recommended carpets will not be enough. Much like air filters, a dirty becomes useless in filtering out what our bodies do not want to breathe in.

Whether you have hard floor or , you probably still have upholstered furniture. This can also trap allergens and dust, but as with the , eventually, it will not be of use to you in that condition. The proper care and cleaning of all soft and porous materials will usually reduce allergy attacks in most individuals.

If you live a life sans carpet, Accents in Cleaning offers tile cleaning services as well. We can make all of your floors so clean it will look like you just remodeled your entire home. Not only will it look nice, it will feel like new and you can breathe a sigh of relief as you eliminate one more cause of allergies.

When cleaning, start from top to bottom

When you are cleaning your own home, always start from the top and work your way down, or you will be forced to go back to things you already cleaned later. Start with ceiling fans and blinds, and end with the floors. Areas with heavy foot traffic and air flow from the outside should be cleaned very regularly. Areas, where allergy sufferers spend, should be cleaned regularly as well, regardless of how much direct contact with allergens it may have. Dust travels more than you would expect.

Use dust-free Cleaning products

Make sure your cleaning products are always dust free, clear, and unclogged. If you are using disposable dusting products, do not wait until the dust is falling off of them to replace the cloth. Replace it before the performance decreases. Empty or change your vacuum bag regularly and keep all of the parts clean and well maintained. You can not properly clean a home with dirty accessories.

Accents in Cleaning Guarantee

Using commercial vacuums and limiting how much dirt and dust can enter your home is a start, but even the best store-bought vacuum cannot compete with the Accents in Cleaning guarantee. Even the neatest of neat freak will be surprised at how much cleaner a home can be. It is recommended that for the best results, deep cleans be performed at least once a year, and I would recommend those times being when you start to notice an increase in allergy symptoms. Feel free to attempt the cleaning yourself with commercial products and machine rentals, but once you try our services, you will come back time and time again to have a clean, allergen-free home.