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How to Tackle 5 Carpet Blemishes with Powerful Cleaning Methods

Cleaning your carpet can be a daunting task. Stains will continue to prove stubborn if you don’t know the cleaning methods for specific carpet blemishes. 

With the right method, you can slay all stains on your carpet. In this blog, we would explore different carpet stains and powerful methods.

Let’s slay the stains!

Unlock the Secret to Banishing Blemish From Your Carpet 

To slay carpet blemishes, you need to know some simple secrets to make the cleaning process easier and faster. If you also want to maintain your carpet’s quality, here are a few things to note.

1. Always trim the nails and claws of your pets

This would reduce the amount of dirt your pets leave on your carpets. It’ll also prevent them from pulling the threads and fibers on your carpet, as this can cause your carpet to dwindle quickly. 

2. Buy an air filter/purifier for your home

It’s wise to get a purifier for carpets in your home. They’d trap dirt and dust that causes carpet blemishes.

3. Vacuum your carpet regularly

Never assume that vacuuming would damage your carpet. Rather, invest in a powerful vacuum to keep your carpets free from dirt and stains.

4. Wash the exterior of your home regularly

The buildup of dirt, dust, and debris outside your home can gradually move into your home. This can cause carpet blemishes.

Some Common Carpet Blemishes 

While going through your daily home routine, spills and leaks can happen. leaves blemishes on your carpet. Here are some common carpet blemishes. 

1. Coffee stains

Coffee or tea spills can leave a brown stain on your carpet. Use a paper towel to blot the affected area gently. You can use vinegar and detergent to clean the stains on your carpet.  

2. Kool-aid stains

Removing Kool-aid stains can be difficult because it contains dye. If you notice a Kool-aid stain on your carpet, blot the area with a dry towel. Don’t rub or scrub to prevent the stain from spreading. 

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the stain. Some cleaners have strong suction and aggressive brush rolls. So, always test your vacuum cleaner on a different surface before using it on your carpet. 

3. Pet stains

As much as you love your cat, your cat would urinate on your carpet, leaving stains with a pet odor. Get rid of the stain immediately to prevent it from escalating. Wet the affected area with a specific commercial cleaner for pet stains. And vacuum after 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Blood

Accidents happen even at home. You could slip or even have your nose bleeding. If you have children, then domestic accidents are more likely to occur. Mix cold water and dish detergent. Sprinkle it on the affected area. Then blot it with a paper towel and vacuum it.  

Powerful Cleaning Methods For Tackling Carpet Blemishes

Cleaning your carpet can be easy if you know the method required for the particular stain or blemish.  We’ve listed some powerful methods to help you slay stains from your carpet and keep it clean.

1. Hot water extraction–Steam cleaning

More often, hot water extraction is known as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is used by different companies and is preferred by carpet manufacturers. Steam cleaning doesn’t damage your carpet fiber, and it rarely leaves stains or blemish on your carpet. 

First, spray your carpet with eco-friendly cleaning products to loosen the grime of dirt and blemishes. Once the dirt loosens, inject water into the carpet at a high temperature and then let it out using high-pressure extraction.

Use a truck mount system to extract water from your carpet. A truck mount system creates good suction, with high temperature, that kills bacteria, odor, and mold and removes blemishes.

Steam cleaning is effective and safe for removing blemishes on your carpet. However, if it’s not done properly it can result in carpet wicking and leave stains on your carpet. For an effective cleaning, you’d need to contact an expert carpet cleaner.

2. Carpet dry cleaning

This method is easy and requires no special training. Dry cleaning your carpet requires a little water. Little powder is mixed with solvent and cleaning agents. Then, sprinkle the mixture on your carpet and tap with a brush to dissolve dirt and stains. 

After 15 minutes, use an industrial vacuum to clean your carpet and get rid of stains. This method can cause a buildup of dirt, if not done properly. Dry is suitable for all types of carpets. Unlike wet cleaning methods, which could cause dry rot and leave brown stains on your carpet.

3. Carpet shampooing

This method is one of the oldest but it’s still viable today. It is mainly used by industries that get high foot traffic regularly but need to keep their carpet clean and stainless. A form-like chemical solution is brushed on the carpet with a rotary floor machine. 

This method is not suitable for delicate carpets because it would damage them. After the foam dries, a wet vacuum is used to remove the foam from the carpet. A sticky residue can be left on your carpet, which can attract dirt and leave stains faster. This method is less expensive than steam cleaning. 

4. Bonnet carpet cleaning

This method focuses on the carpet surface and is suitable for routine maintenance of hotels, hospitals, schools, and corporate work buildings. Bonnet cleaning uses a machine with a heavy-duty spinning pad to loosen up dirt and stains on the top of the carpet fibers. The machine contains a cleaning agent that absorbs oil, dirt, and stain from the surface of the carpet. 

Bonnet cleaning is not suitable for cleaning your home carpet. This method pushes the dirt deep into the carpet fibers which would cause dirt buildup, and damage your carpet in the long run. 

5. Encapsulation carpet cleaning

When using this method, you’ll need to clean your carpets first with a vacuum cleaner before spraying the encapsulating chemical. This is a special foam-like chemical that is sprayed on your carpet to help you get rid of stains and dirt. 

After spraying this chemical, it turns into crystals and a spinning machine is used to help it soak up the dirt. When it gets dry and crystally, you can now clean up those pesky stains with ease by vacuuming.    

Call in the Experts To Banish Blemish From Your Carpet

Here’s the truth: you can clean your carpets yourself, but it might be a daunting task especially if you’re a busy homeowner. So it’s best to let a professional get the job done. They have the skills and tools to get rid of stubborn carpet blemishes.

Allow Accents in Cleaning, a in California, to help you slay those difficult stains on your carpet at an affordable price. Reach us now.