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How to Remove Body Fluids and Other Stains from Your Carpet or Rug Easily

These steps we will show you are easy techniques professional use with household items. You can get rid of your carpet and rug stains. Keep reading to find out!

How to Remove Body Fluids from Your Carpet or Rug with Household Items


Pet owners, in particular, often find their carpets stained with vomit and are annoyed by soiled carpets.

But it is quite easy to remove vomit stains. Already dry vomit can often be simply sucked up. To avoid odors, you should immediately throw away the vacuum cleaner bag afterward.

Fresh vomit is absorbed better by paper towels. Any traces left on the carpet can be removed with gall soap or dish soap and water.

A good home remedy for this type of is also shaving foam. Do not confuse it with shaving gel. You can use it to clean your carpet by putting on the stain and spreading the foam with a sponge.

Foam is particularly practical because in this way bad odors are removed from the carpet.


If there is blood on the textiles, it is difficult to remove it due to the red dye of hemoglobin and the resulting iron oxide.

In addition, the protein contained in the blood must under no circumstances, due to the risk of coagulation, come into contact with hot water. In principle, blood stains are removed with cold water.

It is important to pour tap water or sparkling water on the stain first. Then carefully dab the stain and replace the used fabric immediately as soon as it can no longer absorb the liquid. Repeat this process until the stain is gone from the carpet.


Pet owners are probably also familiar with this problem: Urine on the carpet. Now you have to be quick and clean the carpet before the odor and bacteria spread.

Immediately press hard with paper towels on the stain to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Repeat this until the paper stops absorbing moisture. The remaining urine should now be sufficiently moistened. It is best to take a bucket of lukewarm water and mix in some dish soap and detergent.

Rub the stain with the mixture using an old absorbent cloth. Always put a fresh paper on the stain to soak up the rest of the urine. If you have a residual odor, you can finally wash the carpet with water and vinegar and thus neutralize the odor.

In Summary:


  • Absorbent paper 
  • Gall soap or dish soap and water
  • Shaving foam


  • Cold water


  • Absorbent paper 
  • Lukewarm water and washing up liquid and detergent
  • Water and vinegar against odor

How to Remove Other Stains From the Carpet with Easy Household Items

Candle Wax

To avoid big damage to carpets caused by candle wax, you must first let it sit. Once the wax has hardened, it can often be removed with your fingers. The smallest crumbs are easily absorbed by the vacuum cleaner. If the candle wax stain cannot be completely removed this way, you have two options: cold or heat treatment.

For cold treatment, place ice cubes in a freezer bag and place them on the stain for at least 15 minutes. The wax is then easier to remove by hand. Then you can continue to heat treat your carpet.

Be careful – synthetic fibers cannot take the heat. Place a blotter directly on the stain and iron over it with an iron set to minimum power. The temperature melts the wax, and the blotter absorbs it. For this, the blotting paper must be constantly moved until there is no more wax to dissolve from the carpet. If there is still wax residue after this, you can try to dissolve it with a cleaning solvent.

However, before cleaning your carpet, you should test its color stability to avoid causing further damage. With a little mild liquid detergent and lukewarm water, you can finally clean the carpet.

Water Stains/Halos

Those who remove stains with water are often annoyed by water stains or halos. Cat litter or salt are effective remedies against moisture because they remove moisture from the carpet. After a short while, you can just vacuum up the rest. If the water stain has already dried, an ugly halo usually remains on the carpet. To remove it, moisten it again and gently dab the halo with a cloth. The entire affected area of ​​the carpet is then well moistened, and the halo is attracted to the outside and will no longer be visible after drying.

You can even clean rugs with the commercially available carpet foam by applying it and dabbing it with a sponge. A vinegar-water mixture can also be effective, as halos are caused by lime deposits. The vinegar neutralizes the lime and makes the halos disappear. If the clear rugs are damaged by a water stain, you can also remove them with a little bleach. For colored rugs, however, this method is not recommended, as the chlorine will discolor them immediately.

Important: The carpet in sisal and carpet wool should never be treated with a large amount of water, as they will shrink!

In Summary:

Candle wax

  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Ice cubes
  • Blotter and iron
  • Cleaning solvent

Water stains

  • Cat litter or salt 
  • Plenty of water
  • Carpet foam
  • Water and vinegar
  • For light carpets: Bleach


By vacuuming and patting regularly, you avoid professional carpet cleaning.

Nevertheless, you should do a professional carpet cleaning at least every five years, especially for high-quality carpets. Especially with high pile rugs, the following problem arises: Due to the long pile, dirt penetrates deep into the fabric and usually can only be removed by professional carpet cleaning. Not only will all the dirt be removed, but your carpet will regain its shine!

Moves are often a good opportunity to clean the carpet. If your carpet is under additional stress due to special circumstances, such as the high amount of dust generated by neighboring jobs, professional carpet cleaning might be more easily an option.

Dirt such as dust and sand, which has penetrated deep into the fabric, are again removed by methods. Even the parasites that have taken root in the fibers will be eliminated.

Dry cleaning and craftsmanship ensure professional and proper treatment and care. So your carpet will give you even more fun in the future.