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How to Disinfect the Carpets in Your Business Place During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the normal life of people. Countries around the world have reacted quickly to curb the spread of this deadly and highly contagious disease.

The measures taken in this direction were only preventive, and in the absence of effective treatment.

Currently, and even after the development of several vaccines that can create some immunity in the body, distribution to all countries around the world still seems to have a lot of delays. And this is because of the high demand and the limited production capacity of the companies that developed the vaccine.

Faced with this reality, countries still continue to institute preventive measures and, more particularly, total or partial curfews.

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These preventive measures restricting the movement of people force them to respect social distancing, to wear face masks, and to respect continuous disinfection of their hands also has the effect of serious consequences on economic dynamics, social relations, and people’s psychological wellbeing.

In fact, coronavirus disease can be spread from one infected person to another, primarily through droplets in the nose, mouth, and respiratory system.

However, since the virus can remain alive for several hours or even up to several days on many types of surfaces, the risk remains present during contact with these surfaces.

Indeed, any surface, whether in the exterior or interior environment, can be a vector of contamination.

In this sense, great care must be taken in close contact with public infrastructure (public transport means, door handles, and chairs, professional and private spaces).

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These infrastructures must be disinfected frequently followed by regular disinfection of the hands.

At home, special attention must also be paid, especially if several people inhabit it.

Indeed, any element touched by a person infected with the coronavirus can constitute a risk factor for contamination.

Furniture and surfaces (sofa, couch, rugs, kitchen utensils, door handles, window handles, etc.) must also be regularly disinfected.

Also, you must be careful when entering the house or any place equipped with rugs and remove your shoes before walking on the because the risk of carrying the virus through the shoes is always present.

In fact, if we take the example of rugs, it seems that there is an important question that we must answer:

How can we eliminate the coronavirus on a carpet that might be contaminated?

Before carrying out any operation to disinfect a carpet against viruses and particularly COVID-19, a certain number of measures must be observed. Among these measures, we cite the following:

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  • It is essential to start with cleaning or washing carpets first, before moving on to disinfection. This order of priority is justified by the effectiveness of the disinfection. Starting with disinfecting, you will limit the chemical action exerted by the disinfectant on the virus by the application of a detergent.
  • Care must be taken when handling the disinfectant to prevent direct contact with the skin and the dosage prescribed on the product’s notice of use must also be observed.
  • The disinfectant needs a little time to be able to act on germs and viruses. Indeed, before wiping or drying a carpet or a given surface, remember to wait at least a minute for the disinfectant to do its job and kill all germs and viruses, including the coronavirus. In addition, it is important to remember to apply a sufficient quantity of disinfectant so that the disinfected surface can have a damp appearance.
  • For carpet cleaning near you, think about the environment and use ecological disinfectant products that pose no risk to the environment or to your health and that of your children and pets.
  • Remember to keep disinfectants in a well-insulated place and out of reach of children and pets, to avoid any risk of poisoning.

And in these situations though, it’s best to hire a carpet cleaning to help you disinfect your carpets. Professional hands will always have a more systematic and effective touch.

How to choose a professional ?

Reputation first!

In fact, there are many companies specializing in carpet cleaning and the fact of selecting the best company to entrust it with cleaning your carpets must first be based on verifying the reputation of this company in the market.

Checking the reputation of the pre-selected company is not at all difficult since it is enough to consult the website, the Google account, and the types of services offered by the company and check if they correspond perfectly to your needs.

Also, you can easily get huge information about companies based on recommendations and feedback from former clients of this company.

In this way, you can see whether they have declared themselves satisfied with the services of this company or not. Obviously, you should not go to a carpet cleaning company that has received a lot of negative comments from past customers because, quite simply, there is definitely something wrong with the quality of the product/service of this company.

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Expertise and experience of cleaning technicians

At this level, one must be very vigilant, because even with sophisticated equipment, if the cleaning technician does not demonstrate sufficient skills to differentiate between the requirements of different types of carpet in terms of cleaning methods, the nature of detergents or disinfectants to use for each specific type of carpet, the result will be disappointing and your carpets may even be spoiled rather than cleaned.

Cleaning materials and products

The company to which you plan to bring your rugs and carpets for cleaning must necessarily be equipped with the appropriate equipment and appropriate cleaning products.

You are entitled and you can also verify the existence of suitable equipment with your preferred company before concluding the contract for the provision of services.

In fact, this step is of paramount importance since rugs and carpets differ greatly in terms of the substances with which they are made, the way they are made, and the cleaning requirements relating to the products that are authorized to be used for cleaning in the instructions issued by the manufacturer or supplier.

Also, pay attention to the nature of the dirt stains that have accumulated on the carpet, because the cleaning method, as well as the type of detergent or disinfectant to use, differs a lot depending on the nature of the dirt stains.

Note that this element remains among the main factors for which it is strongly recommended to use the services of professionals in terms of washing carpets rather than trying to clean them by yourself.

Also, it is better to have an idea on the cleaning mode that will be adopted by the in order to verify the compatibility of the mode used with the nature of the carpet.

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Are the company’s products eco-responsible?

In fact, this question is of great importance since the environment is one of the most important issues in 2021. It is, therefore, necessary to pay particular attention to the chemical nature of the cleaning products used in the context of carpet cleaning by the company.

The reason behind this is the fact that the products used must be eco-responsible with no risk of toxicity or danger to the health of the inhabitants of the house or to the pets that remain for the majority of their time lying on the carpet. .

Obviously, hearing what the technicians responsible for cleaning the carpet have to say about the eco-responsibility of the cleaning products that will be used is a good thing, but why not ask for a certificate or certification that really proves that it is eco-responsible products?

Does the cleaning company attach importance to viral disinfection of the carpet?

In fact, the particles that accumulate on the carpet can be visible to the naked eye but there are, however, polluting and even dangerous elements that remain invisible.

Among these elements, there are viruses whose dangerousness does not need to be proven. This is why the quality of the services of a  must be evaluated beforehand, especially with the Covid-19 which continues to take its toll.