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Don’t Fall Victim of the Bait-and-Switch or Scams!

Don't Fall Victim Of The Bait-and-Switch Or Scams!So many companies advertise amazing deals like $100 for an entire home to be cleaned (regardless of how many rooms). Any deal that sounds “too good to be true,” probably is. Low prices and amazing deals are easy to find but it can be a little harder to decide if it’s legitimate.

Often times, these amazing deals end up as . Cleaners show up in unmarked vans, shoddy equipment, and can give off a sleazy vibe. They show up incredibly late in hopes that you’ll do whatever they say just to get rid of them and have your house cleaned. Never fall for this. Discuss over the phone what happens if the cleaners are late (like possible discounts) before booking. Chances are that qualified companies will be able to guarantee prompt service.

If or when these scamming companies show up, they may inform you that there is fine print or some exclusions to the deal you saw. This usually includes things like price quoted only for high traffic areas, not whole rooms. It can also include inferior cleaning processes. Some of these scam companies may claim that the quoted price does not include certain cleaners or even any soap at all. This is a huge warning sign because cleaning without any form of cleaning agent is usually completely useless. Hard floors can be cleaned with steam alone, but for maximum effectiveness, all floors benefit from cleaning agents.Don't Fall Victim Of The Bait-and-Switch Or Scams!

These bait-and-switch companies will try to convince you to pay extra for cleaners, certain machines being used, tips, time for labor, and more. The more they try to add to the original quote, the faster you should turn them away. When on the phone receiving a quote, always ask about which services are included and which would cost extra. With this information, it is in your best interest to shop around! This includes looking for online reviews, other ads, phone book listings, and price comparisons.

If you ever feel as if a cleaning company is trying to victimize you, end the transaction as soon as possible. Never pay upfront, and when using a new company it could be wise for safety issues to have more than one person in the home in case the scammers get violent. If someone is dishonest enough to scam innocent people, who knows what else they are capable of, including intimidation tactics and physical violence. Once you are convinced a company is a real deal, payment can be handled and repeat business can be discussed.

Like any scammers, questions can deter even the most practiced con artists. Always ask about certification, references or reviews, chemicals and tools used, insurance, business licenses, and how long the company has been in business. These questions and more are useful for any transaction with a business which will be entering your home. If they cannot provide you with a piece of information (especially about the cleaning and drying process), chances are they are incompetent or scammers.

Accents in Cleaning will never try to screw you over by overcharging or not using vital instruments and chemicals to perform our duties. We are honest, upfront, and professional on every level. Call us today to avoid the risk of and bait-and-switch tactics. Contact us today for a quote!

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