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8 Simple Stages to the Carpet you want

Hard as you may try in getting rid of dirt and stains on your carpets, they will sooner be home sand, dirt, and germs. Even spills and stains will find a way to get there eventually. The carpets just can’t stay .

So what is the point of it all? The point is that carpets will always give homes that comforting and homely feel that normal floors won’t. And in order for them to function the way they’re supposed to and live longer, you ought to follow these tips.

Vacuum Often

8 Simple Stages To The Carpet You Want

The first step in keeping your carpet and free of dirt. Frequent vacuuming ensures that your carpets are clear of sand and dried mud. Also, note that different areas of a carpet are vacuumed quite differently; areas that are more frequently used should be vacuumed twice, while those that see experience less traffic can be vacuumed once.


When to clean

Clean your carpet when you notice the color and the patterns on it turning dull. Wash and clean it immediately. Further waiting will cause the carpet to be really difficult to clean.

Vacuum Thoroughly

Before embarking on cleaning your carpet, you should vacuum your carpet thoroughly. This makes the cleaning process less difficult.

Tackling Stains

8 Simple Stages To The Carpet You WantStains are the bane of a carpets integrity. When wine, juice, or anything spills onto the carpet and threatens to leave stains, soak a cloth or some absorbent material in a cleaning solution and gingerly blot in gentle outward to inward swipes. Do not apply much pressure as this will cause the stains to ingrained into the fibers of your carpet making it tougher to get rid of.

Addressing that gum problem

If you’re having trouble tackling a nasty bit of gum on your carpet, stress yourself no further. Making use of ice cubes are very effective in ridding a carpet of gum. Place ice cubes on the gum for at least 30 minutes so it’s frozen. Thereafter, picking at the gum will be easier and no other mess will be made.

Handling grease stains

If you’ve got grease stains on your carpet, get two drops of grease cutting detergent in a  cup of warm water, mix them together and turning the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray on the grease stains while blotting it up.

Act quickly towards stains

Clean Carpet vs Dirty Carpet - 8 Simple Stages To The Carpet You Want
Clean Carpet vs Dirty Carpet

Remember to act quickly. Stains of all kinds are better tackled when they’ve just been made. Waiting will cause the stain to seep into more area and embed themselves deeply in the fibers of your carpet. When it advances so much, it becomes difficult to tackle.

Use club soda for tough stains first

When dealing with tough stains, club soda or vinegar in a solution should be tried first. If the effects are not desirable, you can advance into commercial cleaning products.

Services in Concord

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