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Why you should hire a professional carpet cleaner!

It’s no secret that having your carpets professionally cleaned compared to just the ordinary vacuum isn’t really a fair competition. When cleaning your carpets with the vacuum you’re only cleaning off the top layer of your carpet. It is it able to reach all of the unknown at the bottom of the carpets. With our state of the art Rotovac equipment, we are able to get all the way down and give your carpets a thorough deep clean. A lot of people don’t realize that regularly cleaning your carpets does a lot more than just freshen up to look. It improves the air quality in your home. Removing any unwanted pet hair, dust, allergens. Ultimately resulting in a healthier home!

Spot Removal treatments!

Let’s say that one evening you were enjoying yourself too much and accidentally spilled red wine all over your favorite couch! Some companies don’t want to give it away but we’d like to help out everybody. Here are some tips to get that nasty red wine stain out and enjoy your couch again!

Apply detergent solution, blot.
Apply vinegar solution, blot.
Apply ammonia solution, blot.
If necessary, bleach with 3-5% hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate.
Rinse thoroughly with water, blot until dry.

Or let’s say that you split and make a mess with some chocolate you can also:

Scrape away as much as possible with spatula or dull knife.
Apply cool detergent solution, blot.
Apply ammonia solution, blot.
Apply vinegar solution, blot.
Apply enzyme detergent, blot.
Rinse thoroughly with water, blot until dry.
But we do advise that depending on how big of a stain having a professional come and get it out for you. Doing it on your own can work but it’s always a little riskier on bigger areas.

Choose us!

Here at accents and cleaning, we strive to give you the results that you deserve. Along with helping out with carpet cleaning and spa removal we also offer a tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Taking care of your furniture as if it was our own. So feel free to give us a call at 925-565-9255 with any of your carpet cleaning needs. We serve all of Concorde CA, Lafayette day CA, Benicia CA, Martinez CA, Pleasant Hills CA, Walnut Creek CA, Hercules CA and any other neighbor in cities. You could also go online and request a quote from there.