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How to Solve your Pet Odor Problem

Our furry little friends (and most times, family) are adorable and awesome. But we admit sometimes that maintaining them could be a real pain. But we love them. That's why we put up with it. But when maintaining them becomes almost unbearable - pet odor - what do we do?...

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Some Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Some Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions Being in the carpet cleaning business for several years I've heard quite a number of stories and misconceptions about carpet cleaning. It may be 2018, but this misconceptions and myths still take root in peoples beliefs. That's so because when we were all kids an authority...

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How To Get Wax Out Of A Carpet

How To Get Wax Out Of A Carpet We all love candles, especially the scented types. They give such a safelight that sets the perfect mood and atmosphere for memorable moments/events. But like most things, they also have a downside - the wax. The use of candles has grown and...

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