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Carpet Cleaning Services
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Different Kinds of Carpet Cleaning


Bonnet: Often used by companies or clients concerned with water-conservation, this method resembles a floor buffer seen used in grocery stores and schools late at night. The carpets are misted with a mixture of club soda and cleaning solutions and the “bonnet” scrubs the carpet with a rotating motion with an absorbent spinning pad to remove dirt and grime. The bonnet needs regular cleaning or replacing as well as regular lubrication with cleaning solution to ensure a decent clean. This method does not easily allow for the sanitation of carpets, so often another cleaning method needs to be implemented or an antimicrobial agent is applied after the cleaning process.

Dry Foam: Using a pressure tank containing a solution of 90% air and 10% liquid the dry foam method is considered low moisture. After application and allowing the moisture content to go down, a vacuum is used to extract the cleaner. This can leave residue on the carpets, leading to this method having low effectiveness. The carpet may smell cleaner and the visual quality may improve slightly, but it is often not a true clean.

Dry Compound: With this method, an “absorbent mixture” is spread across the carpets and a machine scrubs the mixture into the carpet and dirt is meant to absorb into the mixture. Once dry, a vacuum is used to remove the material. Due to a lack of rinsing, this method is about as useful as dry foam.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam): This is generally considered the most effective cleaning method. Hot water (not steam) is used with cleaning solutions accompanied with high pressure to force the water and cleaning product into the carpet and that liquid is sucked back up. There are two methods for hot water extraction cleaning: portable and truck mounted. The truck method is often preferred because the water can get hotter (meaning more effective cleaning and sanitation) and be released at a higher pressure (to break up dirt, pollen, and bacteria), and higher levels of suction are capable. This method can lengthen the life of your carpet because the rinsing abilities removes residue, preventing added wear-and-tear of your carpets. Carpets are left the cleaner, more sanitary, and restored to a like-new luster.

The downside of hot water extraction cleaning methods is the dampness that resides. Floors need to be fully dried to prevent mildew and mold. The cleaning is very effective, but in areas of high humidity or low air circulation, drying can take long enough to cause problems. Many companies, like Accents in Cleaning, offer better drying processes to decrease the chances of mold and mildew.


Hot water extraction is often called “steam cleaning” because of the use of hot water. Actual steam cleaning is usually used for hard surfaces. Steam can damage most artificial carpet fibers or shrink natural fibers such as wool or cotton, hot water extraction being referred to as “steam cleaning,” is actually more like a nickname than the actual title. Make sure you make sure your carpet cleaners are not trying to use steam on your carpets and upholstery.

Bonnet cleaning method

Dry-foam cleaning method

Dry-compound cleaning method











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The Accents In Cleaning Process!

Carpet:Carpet cleaning before and after carpet

Before beginning, the Accents in Cleaning employee will walk through the home with the client to discuss areas in need of attention. The first cleaning step is a deep vacuum with our high-quality machines. These vacuums will pick up debris most commercial machines will not. This is not to say you should not vacuum before our visit since regular vacuuming is good for the life of the carpet and your personal health. Next, stains and spots are targeted as needed with the correct products and methods. In the rare case that the spot is not removed or improved, our cleaners will inform the client. We then use a pre-spray before bringing in our truck mounted cleaning machines using a one wet, two dry processes for a high quality clean and low drying time. We offer a speed drying system, and while it completes our professionals will clean up their gear and discuss with you what was done, payment, and give you the option to schedule your next cleaning.

Upholstery:Upholstery Cleaning Service sofa cleaning

Our technicians begin cleaning by a pre-vacuum at which point we keep an eye out for any damage present to the furniture before our arrival. The furniture is pre-sprayed and a coarse hair brush is used against the upholstery to loosen up any grime to ease the cleaning process. Our truck mounted system ensures high heat and a quality clean to remove deeply embedded soils. Upon completion of the cleaning, the brush is used again to restore the original texture of thick fabrics and speed the drying. Much like with our carpet cleaning, we offer a speed-dry system.

Tile and Grout:tile grout cleaning before after tile grout cleaning

Before beginning, the area is inspected to know where would need the most attention and which products will best clean the area while maintaining the integrity of the tile and grout (since we offer cleaning for man-made and natural flooring). The floor is prepped with our tile cleaning solution. Grout lines are manually scrubbed to ensure the dirt and grime is removed. Using our special made tile tool to clean the corners effectively we ensure a full clean without damaging the tile or furnishing. Our high-impact spinner deeply cleans every pore and grout line to ensure the best clean possible. Before finishing, we ensure all moisture in the surrounding area is dried and we apply a high quality clear sealant before finishing with our rotary machine to restore the shine and luster of your tile. As with our other services, the floors are dried with our speed-driers.


An example of a pet stain under UV light.

An example of a pet stain under UV light.

Pet Stains:

Pet stains are hard to see with the naked eye, but we use blacklights and various technologies to find and mark these spots and use our in-house urine treatment product to remove the stain and oror. We ensure the even spread of the product and use a subsurface tool to completely remove the soil and product before using a deodorizing product and our standard truck-mounted cleaning system.

At Accents in Cleaning, we understand the value of clean, well-kept floors and we hope you choose us for your annual, semi-annual, or random floor cleaning needs!

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Why Should I Bother With Scotchgard?

Stains and messes just waiting to happen!

At Accents in Cleaning, we offer Scotchgard application on carpets and upholstery. For 55 years, Scotchgard has been the leading product in stain protection with various types of sealants to keep your carpet, tile, grout, furniture, and clothing stain-resistant. With Scotchgard products, you can easily decrease the number of deep cleanings you need to be done as well as spend less time cleaning on your own. Many Scotchgard products repel liquid, allow simple cleaning with water instead of chemicals, and do not change the look or texture of your floors and furniture.

Carpets are a huge investment! It can cost hundreds of dollars to do a single room once it is installed; it would be insane not to try to protect it. Dirt and grime can ruin a carpet faster than anything. Muddy shoes and spilled drinks can lead to countless hours of cleaning up soaked-in grime and dirty liquid. Sure, a professional deep clean can remove the evidence of last year’s Christmas Party and the children’s love of mud, but with Scotchgard, you can have a cleaner home for longer, decreasing the number of times per year you need professional cleaning.

Everyone has furniture in their house. Chances are, you have soft, plush, porous material covering your furniture. Upholstered furniture looks wonderful and is always lovely to sit and lay on. What’s not pleasant is looking at and sitting on stains that could have been prevented by Scotchgard. People spill, pets mark, wear-and-tear occurs, but you can help keep your furniture to stay fresh and clean and lovely by having Scotchgard applied by our trained professionals at Accents in Cleaning. This goes for sofas, patio furniture, office chairs, curtains, ottomans, pet furniture, hallway and stairway runners, and rugs.

You can even buy Scotchgard and use it yourself! Car upholstery and child car seats are a great place to start. We all eat and drink in our cars, and our shoes get covered in all sorts of dirt and muck which gets into the carpets. Children throw around their juice cups and their sticky hands grab onto anything in the car within reach of their car seat—including the car seat. By using protectants like Scotchgard, your car and everything in it will stay looking clean and new—and be easy to clean up after the little ones.

We abuse our shoes. Some of us walk through water, mud, and dirt every day with our shoes and by the end of the day they look and smell awful. With Scotchgard, you can prevent much of that mess. The same goes for your favorite suit and tie! Never again fear a drop of coffee falling out of your mug at work only to land right on your tie before a big meeting. The same goes for women’s attire as well. There is nearly no article of clothing that can’t be protected by Scotchgard.

Ask the cleaners at Accents In Cleaning today about Scotchgarding your valuables after your next cleaning. When you see how amazing it is for furniture, cars, and flooring, you will rush out to buy some to keep your shoes, clothes, bedding, and cleaner and stain resistant.


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Accents In Cleaning and the Rotovac!

Innovative Rotovac Powerhead

If you are a wise customer, you are interested in knowing what and who will be entering your home to clean your carpets. Reducing dirt, grime, and stains in your carpets will not only make them look and smell nicer, but regular cleaning is known to reduce wear and increase the longevity of carpets.

Accents In Cleaning uses the Rotovacpower scrubbing tool for deep cleaning purposes. As opposed to a manual scrubbing device, Rotovac works in all directions, getting the deepest, most thorough clean possible. The manual scrubs only clean a small section of carpet at a time whereas Rotovac is a much larger device that covers a greater surface area in less time more effectively. With 5 different heads, this device can clean nearly any type of carpet, tile, and grout without weighing down the cleaner or be using heavy amounts of chemicals. Unlike other cleaning devices, Rotovac does not need intense amounts of pressure to clean properly thanks to the specialized head styles for the machine. It can work on various lengths and styles of carpets meaning Accents In Cleaning will have the right equipment every time to perform the job to the best of their abilities.

One of the biggest concerns guests have about getting their carpets cleaned is the amount of time it takes the floors to dry so they can replace their furniture and return to normal day-to-day life. Luckily, our Rotovacs leave a floor 20x drier than manual scrubbing devices (meaning you’re ready to place everything back in 2-6 hours). And if you are concerned as to how much time the cleaning will take, don’t worry! Rotovac products are capable of 25 times the passes across the floor (up to 600 sq ft/hour) the manual scrub wands are capable of so you won’t need to spend your entire day at home to take care of business.

Rotovac functions with truck mounts and portable mounts, which is important because the cleaners have options for cleaning your house. If you are afraid a truck-mounted floor cleaning device cannot reach to your house or apartment, there is always the portable option (which is just as effective).

Why should customers care what cleaning devices are used in their home? Every customer should want the best service provided with the best cost. If a company is using cheap and useless products they will charge you for their time but and they may need multiple passes or visits in an attempt to get the desired results. At Accents In Cleaning you will get the preferred results the first time because we care about your satisfaction and we use the best equipment to make our jobs easier so we can make your lives better.

Rotovac has been providing quality products for nearly a decade and is proven to out-perform nearly any other cleaning device. Used by universities, hotels, and other carpet cleaning companies, Rotovac is the best solution to your dirty carpet woes. Help Accents In Cleaning continue our fantastic work with this amazing product by calling us today to schedule an appointment. For added carpet quality, ask us about our Scotchgard application.

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What Can I Do About Pet Stains?

If you have furry loved ones in your household you might be immune to the odor they leave in your carpet and soft furniture. If your friends have mentioned a cat-like smell in your home or told you “your house smells like dogs,” but you can’t smell it don’t worry, this is common. We become desensitized to the minor scent changes in our environments.

We love our pets, but we don’t always love their odors. Most issues can be resolved with regular mopping, vacuuming, and bathing our pets, but sometimes pets make mistakes and some foul odors rise to our senses.

Animals tend to mark their territory—this much we know. Sometimes the solution is additional training, but sometimes it is a medical concern. If you find your pet “marking” areas of your home, try to use positive reinforcement to encourage them to do their business in an accepted place (like the litter box, outside, or puppy-pads). If more accidents happen, make sure to completely remove the stain and odor from the spot because if you do not, they will continue to see that as an acceptable place to relieve themselves. If proper retraining does not help, consult your vet to discuss other options.

The Humane Society has some suggestions for the proper cleaning of pet marking messes. For one, they recommend a layer of paper towels covered by a layer of newspaper. Once you apply pressure, the mess should start absorbing then finish by rinsing the area with water and removing as much of the water as possible. The last step is difficult without a wet-vac or professional care.

Covering the stain and smell with scented cleaning chemicals is less likely to work than a deep cleaning. The pet odor-causing molecules need to be completely removed for maximum effectiveness. Basic carpet cleaning chemicals may mask the scent from you and other humans, but your pet will still be able to smell it and they will continue to mark there. To help this, pet stores sell “pet odor neutralizers” which will work much better than normal carpet cleaners.

Unfortunately, when left untreated pet stains on wood can lead to permanent damage. The only solution at this point is reapplying varnish. Like carpet stains, they are best treated as soon as possible. Allowing Sparky’s markings on any surface may lead to damage that even professional cleaners cannot fix.

If your pet is still in potty training, or you have begun retraining them, give us a call at Accents in Cleaning. Our deep cleaning procedures can restore your floors to like-new conditions. If you don’t believe us, check out the customer review on Yelp stating that our services kept them from having to pay a re-carpeting fee on their rental apartment. Clean floors are wonderful to have, and we won’t let you consider rehousing your pet in order to maintain cleanliness in your life. Call us today so we can help you keep a clean, happy home.


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How Accents in Cleaning Can Help Your Allergies!

Allergy sufferers will tell you how miserable life can be when you are sneezing constantly with sinus congestion. There are many ways to combat this suffering. Obvious ways include: medication, staying indoors during high pollen counts, and avoiding the allergens. Sometimes, even thorough cleaning of homes isn’t enough without the right gear.

You might think that allergy sufferers should stick to hardwood, but you would be incorrect. Carpets can trap allergens and dust whereas on hard floors, all of the debris and allergens just sit on the floor waiting to be kicked up by a breeze or by walking. Without proper cleaning, even the best allergy-recommended carpets will not be enough. Much like air filters, a dirty carpet becomes useless in filtering out what our bodies do not want to breathe in.

Whether you have hard floor or carpet, you probably still have upholstered furniture. This can also trap allergens and dust, but as with the carpet, eventually it will not be of use to you in that condition. The proper care and cleaning of all soft and porous materials will usually reduce allergy attacks in most individuals.

If you live a life sans carpet, Accents in Cleaning offers tile cleaning services as well. We can make all of your floors so clean it will look like you just remodeled your entire home. Not only will it look nice, it will feel like new and you can breathe a sigh of relief as you eliminate one more cause of allergies.

When you are cleaning your own home, always start from the bottom and work your way down, or you will be forced to go back to things you already cleaned later. Start with ceiling fans and blinds, and end with the floors. Areas with heavy foot traffic and air flow from the outside should be cleaned very regularly. Areas where allergy sufferers spend should be cleaned regularly as well, regardless of how much direct contact with allergens it may have. Dust travels more than you would expect.

Make sure your cleaning products are always dust free, clear, and unclogged. If you are using disposable dusting products, do not wait until dust is falling off of them to replace the cloth. Replace it before the performance decreases. Empty or change your vacuum bag regularly and keep all of the parts clean and well maintained. You can not properly clean a home with dirty accessories.

Using commercial vacuums and limiting how much dirt and dust can enter your home is a start, but even the best store-bought vacuum cannot compete with the Accents in Cleaning guarantee. Even the neatest of neat freak will be surprised at how much cleaner a home can be. It is recommended that for the best results, deep cleans be performed at least once a year, and I would recommend those times being when you start to notice an increase in allergy symptoms. Feel free to attempt the cleaning yourself with commercial products and machine rentals, but once you try our services, you will come back time and time again to have a clean, allergen free home.

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Accents in Cleaning, Tile and Grout


Rotovac cleans tile better.

Carpet cleaning is a wonderful boost for the whole family.  Everyone loves a clean carpet.  Clean carpets just make you want to sit on the floor and play a game.  Or, you might just want to have a party because of how clean and beautiful your carpet looks.  Yes, a clean carpet from Accents in Cleaning makes all the difference in the way you look at your home.

But, Accents in Cleaning does more than just clean carpets, much more,  But today we are going to zero in on our tile cleaning service.  You probably clean your tile floors and the tile in your kitchen and bath about once a week,  If you’re a stickler for a clean home, you may clean your tile more often than that.  The thing about tile is that no matter which tools you use, or what cleaning product you use, to get tile absolutely clean, you need a little more power than you can get from your favorite all-purpose cleaner and your trusty sponge and mop.  Sure, you can do a good job, but occasionally it is very smart to get what we like to call a “deep” clean.

Tile is slick.  When you pull a sponge mop across the floor, the dirt you are pulling has a tendency to get into the grout. You are pretty much just moving the dirt around.  There is also the problem with soap, water, grease build-up on the tile, and heel marks that no matter how much you try and what product you use, seem to taunt you instead of coming off.  Don’t worry, Accents in Cleaning is ready to come to the rescue.

Many companies that clean tile use a pressure washer or, perhaps, steam to cut through the grime and haze. These methods can be not only be a bit messy, but they are also not as efficient as you might think. There have even been cases of tile be damaged using one of these methods.  Again, we told you not to worry, we can help you with your tile.

We use our basic, tried and true Rotovac.  Yes, it can be used for tile as well as carpet.  The reason we like to use Rotovac on tile is that it incorporates a combination of rotary nylon bristles on its cleaning brush and a spray jet to thoroughly clean both the tile and grout.  The reason the spray jets do such a great job is that they can spray heated or unheated water, whichever the job calls for.  The water emitting from the jets comes out with high, but safe, pressure.  So, you have the brushes rotating and the soapy heated water working together to scrub and wash the tile.  Then, there are vacuum slots that suck up the water, the grime, and the grit.  The results will impress you because the cleaning we give you ends with sparkling tile, and deeply clean grout; just like it was when it was first installed!

Call us today or fill out our Free Estimate Request to get a quote. We look forward to providing you with excellent tile-cleaning service.  And don’t forget, we do carpets, upholstery,and  automobile interiors

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Rug Doctor vs. Rotovac, AIC Carpet Cleaning

Today we are going to tell you about why our carpet cleaning is better than some others you might have heard of. Let’s start with the name of our carpet cleaning system – Rotovac – remember that name because it will soon be one of your favorite cleaning machines.

It works like this: TiredCleaner RUG DOCTOR Rug Dr. and other carpet cleaners like it, are fine carpet cleaners if you need a small area cleaned, or if your carpet, upholstery, or tile is not very dirty.  The problem with scrubbing wand cleaners is that the wand has to be manually pushed back and forth if you really want to get the area clean.  That continuous back and forth movement is exhausting.  Plus, if it is a tough job, you are going to get pretty weary before you get the carpet clean, if this type of cleaner can even do the job.

With a manual cleaner, your carpet is still wet when you finish the job, and retains water for awhile.  It cannot be adjusted to accommodate different pile heights.  It has one setting only. Finally, these machines just are not designed to do the kind of work we do with ROTOVAC.  If you want to call the wand scrub cleaners a Cadillac, then the Rotovac would have to be called a Lamborghini.



The Rotovac is an electric power scrubbing tool. The extreme cleaning jobs that we do would be impossible if we were not using the ROTOVAC.  It is efficient, powerful, easier to use, and gets the job done more quickly and more thoroughly.  It’s the rotary mechanism that makes the cleaning go so much more smoothly.  The rotary brushes are contacting a broader area of carpeting and are cleaning in a circular manner, which produces better cleaning results for you.

The Rotovac can adjust to differing pile heights which not only improves the depth and accuracy of cleaning, but also can be adjusted to the correct setting for carpet over pads or commercially glued-down pads. The Rotovac leaves the carpet about 20 X drier than a wand scrub cleaner.  Our normal drying time is 2-6 hours depending on the weather and the barometer.

The thing about it is that you can rent a wand scrubber carpet cleaner at any hardware store or big box home Rotovac-BnA-floor-bigimprovement store.  You can get the proper cleaning solution and bring everything home.  Then, you can read the directions and follow them carefully.  As we have said, you will get carpets that aren’t in very bad shape looking better.  But is all that going, getting, paying, solution-buying, reading and doing really worth it, if in the end you are not going to get a really clean carpet?  Why not let Accents in Cleaning come one time and get the job done?  You won’t believe how much better your home will look, smell, and feel!

We want you to see the ultimate truckmount challenge Rug Doctor vs Truckmount

Vallejo, American Canyon, Fairfield, Suisun City & nearby cities – Call 925-565-9255 

 Benicia, Concord, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Hercules, Pleasant Hill, & nearby cities

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There is Nothing Like a Clean, Beautiful Carpet

Accents in Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Benicia, Martinez, Vallejo & Surrounding Area


All of us here at AIC Carpet Cleaning know what it can mean to a family when their carpets are fresh and clean.  You cruise along everyday, and sometimes don’t even think of what microbes and bacteria can be hiding in the fibers of your carpet.  For one of our customers, it was when they brought their brand new baby boy home; they suddenly realized that all the dirt, grime, dog paw dirt, and cat hair that must be in their carpet just might not be healthy for their new bundle of joy.  They gave us a call.




When we asked that new mom to look at the water we were using in our machines that was pulling the dirt out of the carpet, she was shocked.  The nicest way to put it is that the water was grey.

carpet cleaning servicesAfterward, her carpet looked like this, and she and her baby boy were happily playing on the floor and having the time of their lives.

We are not just a carpet cleaning service.  Our services include:









And, you are going to love our prices.  We can meet or beat all our competitors rates, and we have specials and promotions  all the time that can minimize your costs measurably.

Why is carpet cleaning an integral part of your bi-annual deep cleaning?

Your family’s health is probably the most important concern that you have.  Regular carpet cleaning can hold those harmful bacteria and disease carrying  germs at bay.

With the proper care, your carpets are designed to look good and wear very little.  If the dirt and grime is pulled out of the carpet at least twice a year, the longevity of your carpet will be enhanced.

Who doesn’t want her home to be inviting and comfortable?  Dirty carpets are a downer.  Whatever beautiful accessories or furniture or colorful wall treatments you have, soiled
carpets are most certainly going to detract from the loveliness of your decor.

Carpet Cleaners - Residential and commercial Cleaning

Here’s what you get when you give Accents In Cleaning Carpet Cleaning a call:

Free Quote

Prompt and Polite Answers to All your Questions

Speedy Appointment

No Hidden Fees

You can even fill out our simple form right here on our website and we will get back to you within a few hours.  We like to make it easy at AIC Carpet Cleaning.  Our standard pricing is:

Carpet Cleaning a Room – $25

Carpet Cleaning a Deeply Soiled Room – $40 (Rotovac Restoration Cleaning)

for those carpets you thought you would never see clean again

Living Room, Dining Room, Stairs and Hall – $99

Sofa and Loveseat – $95

Automotive/RV Cleaning

call for a quote


jessetheownerOur owner, Jesse Durante has over 10 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, and has owned his own business for 7 years.  Needless to say, Jesse knows what he is doing.  He has three reliable employees who know that giving you great service is what their business is all about.

AIC Carpet Cleaning is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It serves

Vallejo, American Canyon, Fairfield, Suisun City & Nearby Cities

Call 925-565-9255 

For Carpet Cleaning in: Benicia, Concord, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Hercules, Pleasant Hill, &Nearby Cities

Call 800-295-1271

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