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Carpet Cleaning Services
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Rug Doctor vs. Rotovac, AIC Carpet Cleaning

Today we are going to tell you about why our carpet cleaning is better than some others you might have heard of. Let’s start with the name of our carpet cleaning system – Rotovac – remember that name because it will soon be one of your favorite cleaning machines.

It works like this: TiredCleaner RUG DOCTOR Rug Dr. and other carpet cleaners like it, are fine carpet cleaners if you need a small area cleaned, or if your carpet, upholstery, or tile is not very dirty.  The problem with scrubbing wand cleaners is that the wand has to be manually pushed back and forth if you really want to get the area clean.  That continuous back and forth movement is exhausting.  Plus, if it is a tough job, you are going to get pretty weary before you get the carpet clean, if this type of cleaner can even do the job.

With a manual cleaner, your carpet is still wet when you finish the job, and retains water for awhile.  It cannot be adjusted to accommodate different pile heights.  It has one setting only. Finally, these machines just are not designed to do the kind of work we do with ROTOVAC.  If you want to call the wand scrub cleaners a Cadillac, then the Rotovac would have to be called a Lamborghini.



The Rotovac is an electric power scrubbing tool. The extreme cleaning jobs that we do would be impossible if we were not using the ROTOVAC.  It is efficient, powerful, easier to use, and gets the job done more quickly and more thoroughly.  It’s the rotary mechanism that makes the cleaning go so much more smoothly.  The rotary brushes are contacting a broader area of carpeting and are cleaning in a circular manner, which produces better cleaning results for you.

The Rotovac can adjust to differing pile heights which not only improves the depth and accuracy of cleaning, but also can be adjusted to the correct setting for carpet over pads or commercially glued-down pads. The Rotovac leaves the carpet about 20 X drier than a wand scrub cleaner.  Our normal drying time is 2-6 hours depending on the weather and the barometer.

The thing about it is that you can rent a wand scrubber carpet cleaner at any hardware store or big box home Rotovac-BnA-floor-bigimprovement store.  You can get the proper cleaning solution and bring everything home.  Then, you can read the directions and follow them carefully.  As we have said, you will get carpets that aren’t in very bad shape looking better.  But is all that going, getting, paying, solution-buying, reading and doing really worth it, if in the end you are not going to get a really clean carpet?  Why not let Accents in Cleaning come one time and get the job done?  You won’t believe how much better your home will look, smell, and feel!

We want you to see the ultimate truckmount challenge Rug Doctor vs Truckmount

Vallejo, American Canyon, Fairfield, Suisun City & nearby cities – Call 925-565-9255 

 Benicia, Concord, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Hercules, Pleasant Hill, & nearby cities

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There is Nothing Like a Clean, Beautiful Carpet

Accents in Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Benicia, Martinez, Vallejo & Surrounding Area


All of us here at AIC Carpet Cleaning know what it can mean to a family when their carpets are fresh and clean.  You cruise along everyday, and sometimes don’t even think of what microbes and bacteria can be hiding in the fibers of your carpet.  For one of our customers, it was when they brought their brand new baby boy home; they suddenly realized that all the dirt, grime, dog paw dirt, and cat hair that must be in their carpet just might not be healthy for their new bundle of joy.  They gave us a call.




When we asked that new mom to look at the water we were using in our machines that was pulling the dirt out of the carpet, she was shocked.  The nicest way to put it is that the water was grey.

carpet cleaning servicesAfterward, her carpet looked like this, and she and her baby boy were happily playing on the floor and having the time of their lives.

We are not just a carpet cleaning service.  Our services include:









And, you are going to love our prices.  We can meet or beat all our competitors rates, and we have specials and promotions  all the time that can minimize your costs measurably.

Why is carpet cleaning an integral part of your bi-annual deep cleaning?

Your family’s health is probably the most important concern that you have.  Regular carpet cleaning can hold those harmful bacteria and disease carrying  germs at bay.

With the proper care, your carpets are designed to look good and wear very little.  If the dirt and grime is pulled out of the carpet at least twice a year, the longevity of your carpet will be enhanced.

Who doesn’t want her home to be inviting and comfortable?  Dirty carpets are a downer.  Whatever beautiful accessories or furniture or colorful wall treatments you have, soiled
carpets are most certainly going to detract from the loveliness of your decor.

Carpet Cleaners - Residential and commercial Cleaning

Here’s what you get when you give Accents In Cleaning Carpet Cleaning a call:

Free Quote

Prompt and Polite Answers to All your Questions

Speedy Appointment

No Hidden Fees

You can even fill out our simple form right here on our website and we will get back to you within a few hours.  We like to make it easy at AIC Carpet Cleaning.  Our standard pricing is:

Carpet Cleaning a Room – $25

Carpet Cleaning a Deeply Soiled Room – $40 (Rotovac Restoration Cleaning)

for those carpets you thought you would never see clean again

Living Room, Dining Room, Stairs and Hall – $99

Sofa and Loveseat – $95

Automotive/RV Cleaning

call for a quote


jessetheownerOur owner, Jesse Durante has over 10 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, and has owned his own business for 7 years.  Needless to say, Jesse knows what he is doing.  He has three reliable employees who know that giving you great service is what their business is all about.

AIC Carpet Cleaning is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It serves

Vallejo, American Canyon, Fairfield, Suisun City & Nearby Cities

Call 925-565-9255 

For Carpet Cleaning in: Benicia, Concord, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Hercules, Pleasant Hill, &Nearby Cities

Call 800-295-1271

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