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Accents In Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services
We Service Concord CA, Lafayette CA, Benicia CA, Martinez CA, Pleasant Hill CA, Walnut Creek CA, Hercules CA and nearby city's Call 925-565-9255
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Deep carpet cleaning!

More than often homeowners don’t give carpet the attention that they require desperately need. Sure the occasional vacuum might do the trick short term but having a company come in and deep clean Your carpets will leave you with a result that will last twice as long. Ultimately making your carpet feel and look as good as new. Most carpet cleaning companies use outdated steam cleaners to clean the carpet. Here at Accents In Cleaning, we have the most up to date and advance technology to help your carpet look new again.

A lot of people don’t realize the dirt and debris that is left at the very base of your carpet. Having a dirty carpet can flare up your allergies and even ultimately leaving you feeling a little sick. With pets and small children, your carpet is a constant war zone and should be regularly clean. And a lot of people don’t realize that vacuuming once a week only pushes the dust and debris at the bottom of the carpet around not picking it up. Your vacuum only reaches the top layer of carpet and fails to get all the way down to the base. And when it comes to carpet stains we also have that covered. Our professionals are more than trained and qualified to help assist you with stain removal on nice furniture and carpet. Let’s say you had a party the night before and your wife got too crazy with her red wine and made a mess. We can make it as if that mess never even existed, don’t believe us? Check out our reviews online or this photo to the left. We leave all of our clients beyond happy and impressed with the results that they get.

Here at accents and cleaning our goal is to earn your business for a lifetime. We have been proudly serving concord CA, Lafayette ACA, Benicia CA, Martinez CA, Pleasant Hill CA, Walnut Creek CA, and any other neighboring cities. We strive to be the best so why not hire the best feel free to give us a call at 925-565-9255 and ask for Jesse If you have any questions regarding spot removal and carpet cleaning services. Our emergency Jobs are available 24 seven ready to help you get done whatever it is!

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