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Common Rug Cleaning Questions and Answers You Need to Know

is one chore that needs to be done if you need your space to smell nice. A dirty rug can also make you sick. This is because dirt and dust will make your rug their home. 

When people come in contact with them, the germs and allergens in them spread. It causes you and members of your household to fall sick. The dirt on the rug will also affect its appearance. It won’t look as good as when you bought it. 

Clueless about how to maintain your rug? Here are some common FAQ:

How Do I Maintain My Rug?

To prolong the durability of your rug, vacuum it regularly. Clean up any dirt you find on it as soon as possible. Vacuuming a rug once a week is ideal. However, this will vary based on your lifestyle.

Why Is Important?

Your rug has direct contact with the furnishings in your home. This leads to dirt buildup and general damage. It is essential to keep your rugs and carpet clean at all times. That’s how to keep it in an excellent state.

Rug cleaning can help prevent mold and mildew. It also extends the life of your rugs by ridding them of harmful allergens and germs. If you do not clean your rug, they become damaged by specks of dirt and particles. 

Will I Ruin My Rug if I Wash It At Home?

Washing your rug at home can be risky. To do it safely, read the instruction. You will find the instructions on a still-attached tag or on the manufacturer’s website. You can also contact local specialists. 

Cleaning thinner, inexpensive carpets at home is not a bad idea. However, thicker or more expensive rugs are riskier to clean at home. So, consult a professional for rug cleaning to avoid damaging them.

When Do I Need Professional Rug Cleaning? 

Regular DIY rug cleaning is not enough. You need professional cleaning of your rugs every one or two years. This is very important where your warranty factors in damages. 

Professional is necessary as soon as you find stubborn stains, foul odors, or mold on it. If a foul smell persists after taking out the garbage and cleaning out the refrigerator, it is probably your rug. 

Thus, it’s time to contact a professional rug cleaner. Your rug is also due for a professional rug cleaning service if you can’t recall the last time you clean it. To avoid allergens, unnecessary carpet degeneration, and unpleasant odors, plan regular cleanings every 12 to 48 months.

What is the Best Method for Rug Cleaning?

Steam cleaning remains the best way to clean your rug. This method cleans much more deeply and thoroughly. Dirt and grit gather at the carpet fibers’ base, which causes rug damage. Steam cleaning eliminates deep filth and grit. 

It removes spills and stains from inside the fabric. It also reduces the likelihood of them resurfacing. Other methods are even less effective at removing dust mites and killing germs in rugs.

How Long Does It Take for a Rug to Dry After Cleaning?

The timeframe your rug takes to dry after cleaning often depends on the type of rug. It could also depend on the method used to clean it. Other factors are climate conditions and air circulation. 

After cleaning, your rug will be mildly damp. Most rugs require six to ten hours to dry. However, when you use a professional rug cleaner, the drying time is normally approximately two hours. This is because they use the right tool to make it dry faster. Keeping the rug wet for too long can make it smell.

Open windows and doors or turn on air conditioning while drying. During the colder months of the year, drying time will be longer; however, a dehumidifier or fan heater can help to speed up the drying process.

Are the Chemicals Used for Rug Cleaning Safe?

Most reputable carpet cleaners use environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning chemicals. There is no cause to be concerned about rug cleaning chemicals. To ensure the chemicals used to clean your rug are safe, you need to trust your rug cleaning service.

Use one of such cleaning services that uses eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning chemicals. After the cleaning, you can trust your rug to be residue and chemical-free.

How Often Should I Clean My Rugs?

You should have your rug cleaned once a year. Aside from emergencies, it is advisable that rug owners have professional rug cleaning once in six months. This is especially for those with pets and/or children.

However, when you notice stubborn stains, contact a professional rug cleaner. This applies to stains you cannot take out on your own. You need to act fast before the stain gets worse.

Why Do I Need a Professional to Clean My Rug?

Whatever kind of rug you have, it’s essential to hire rug cleaning professionals. They will keep the dye from leaking while also eliminating dust and grime from its delicate strands. Even if you consider yourself to be a clean person, it will amaze you the impact that professional rug cleaning can make. 

A professional rug cleaner has the tools to purge your rugs. This is because you may not get the dirt out on your own. Using professional rug cleaners not only restores the carpet’s appearance but also ensures proper hygiene. Rugs can be expensive to replace, so make sure you take adequate care of them.

How Do I Find a Reliable Professional Rug Cleaner? 

When looking for a professional rug cleaner, there are some factors to consider. How long have they been in operation? Also, what kind of cleaning methods do they use? What is the warranty policy for the rug?

Our professional rug cleaning service will leave your rug looking new. We are a qualified and reliable cleaning service provider. With a wealth of experience and top-notch cleaning methods, we are your go-to professional rug cleaner. For professional rug cleaning, reach out to us today.