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5 Things You Should Never Use on Your Carpet

There are lots of carpet cleaning DIY methods that are useful today. Unfortunately, some of these tips harm your carpet and should be avoided. On the other hand, some of them care for you carpet.

Do Not Use These 5 Things on Your Carpet

Here are some carpet cleaning methods you should totally avoid:

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Do not use hairspray

As weird as it seems, some DIY methods involve the use of hairspray. Hairspray is NOT designed for your carpet. Hairsprays leave residue on your carpet which can attract dust and dirt. Worse, it cold permanently damage your carpet.

Do not use water

Carpets stains are seldom removed by water. Ink stains or acidic stain are made worse using water. This is because the water tends to spread these stains instead of removing them. Use club soda or seltzer water, these removes stains easily.

Do not use ammonia

Ammonia is toxic, it releases fumes that can cause respiratory problems. It is also an alkaline solution and cause serious damage to your carpet.

Do not use dish soap

True, dish soap removes grease and grime from dishes. But then the soap is rinsed off the plates to make them clean. You carpet does not function that way. When you leave in the soap and water mixture, you will find out you just worsened the stain.

Do not use vinegar

Vinegar is a disinfectant, it does not remove stains. Avoid certain mixtures like vinegar and baking for your carpet. This mixture creates peracetic acid which can cause breathing problems and irritate the skin.

Many harm DIY tips exist out there, so much that you cannot keep up. Save yourself the stress and hire a professional.

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