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5 Awesome Benefits of Power Washing

What is Power Washing?

Power washing or pressure washing is the process where water flowing at high pressure is used to wash the wall of houses. Over the years, your the walls of your house will accumulate dust, grime, dirt, algae and their microorganisms too small for your eyes, power washing offers the chance to get them off your walls. The force if the water will wash off bulk dirt and grime. Sort of the like hydrotherapy treatment only it’s your home receiving the treatment.

Clean Carpet vs Dirty Carpet

Clean Carpet vs Dirty Carpet

Benefits of Power Washing

Power Washing promises a lot of benefits, some of them, long-term benefits, others short-term benefits. Power washing also has aesthetic, health and economic benefits. Read on to find out how.

1.     Improves the Appearance of your Home

As a result of being exposed to the elements, the walls of your home and every other surface exposed to harsh weather conditions will lose their appeal. Surfaces that once glowed are dulled by the build-up of dust, algae, fungi, and grime. The forceful jets of water will remove accumulation to expose the true beauty and appearance of your home – beauty that was all this time buried.

2.     Keeps you and your family safe from infections

There is no doubt the myriad of disease-causing organism currently ‘playing guest’ on the surfaces of your home. Being out in the open has left your walls ideal breeding grounds for fungi, mildew and other pathogens. Once in a while a family member may brush their skin on the wall, touch the walls or do anything that makes them have contact with the walls – it’s unavoidable. Your kids are the most prone to making contact with these surfaces and this will lead to infections. Power washing will remove the bulk of these pathogens thereby reducing the risk of future infections.

3.     Save you the Hassle

Manually washing your walls take a lot of time, not to mention having to climb ladders every time. There are crevices you may not reach and the result of the exercise may not be satisfactory. However, pressure washing will save you this stress, produce meaningful, satisfactory results and free up time for you to do more important things.

4.     Increases the Value of Your Home

If you’re planning to sell your house, power washing is an awesome idea. Honestly, let’s face it, are you going to buy a house whose exterior appearance is nothing to write home about? Power washing as we earlier discussed will enhance the appearance of your home, making it appealing to prospective buyers and raises its value beyond what it would have been.

5.     Saves Money

Some of the earlier mentioned benefits yields this reward. When your home is free from disease pathogens, you will save up on medical expenses which would have resulted from infections. Power washing your home just once will keep you from spending money if you had to manually wash your house yourself frequently.

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